website development

We design and develop technical solutions for websites; most of our sites are database driven with custom Content Management Systems (CMS).   We also offer technical consultancy as a service which allows the client to explore possible technical solutions.   We strongly believe that there is a solution to every need when it comes to programming websites, regardless of budget.   We work very hard to keep our rates low by taking advantage of open-source software solutions.

application development

We have the technical and design resources to develop custom applications that go beyond the traditional web application.   We can help you bring together diverse technologies to make your ideas a reality.   For example, our switchboard application utilizes HTML, Java, Javascript, and PHP technology for its user interface, but also utilizes, in house developed C/C++ servers, PostgreSQL databases, and Linux based servers to power its back-end components.   We are able to bring these technologies, and many others, together into a seamless package, which will bring your idea into reality, in an effective, efficient, and affordable manner.

infrastructure, consulting and deployment

Through all of our projects, and systems development, we have accumulated a wealth of experience with regards to software, hardware, and development tool selection.   We can help with decisions, ranging from server deployment to selection of databases and programming languages that are best suited to a proposed project.   Wondering how to best backup all of your critical data, or how to start running your own, in house, web server?   We can help you find the right software, and hardware for the job, and do it using open source solutions, where possible, so that you can keep costs down, and avoid vendor lock-in.